Friday, 7 January 2011


Whats wrong i am so stressed for today since i walk up there is already a problem.with my family and now here at work..i hate it its like i will burst my anger for today.i am trying to control my temper becaused i know that if i cannot hold it anymore it would be very bad day for me i dont want to end that i was able to hurt somebody.becaused if i am angry i usually hit that person who made me loose my temper.if not that person it would be the wall or anything that can be an outlet of my anger. i can release my emotions if i punch the wall i really cannot control my self if im am mad if its like im so angry that i cannot even control it..
I use to remember way back in our house i use to have a punching bag where i release my anger.becaused before i usually hit the wall punch it resulting to my hand bleed..
thats why i tend to control my self if im angry becaused if not its really not  that good to see if im angry..
thats why if i am quite i am trying to control my temper and i tend not to speak with the person whom i am angry with..
''and you know who you are''..

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