Wednesday, 12 January 2011
Everybody needs money thats
I thinks there is no person who dont
needs money..not unless you are rich
who dont need money
anymore..(because they are to rich
to think about money..)
i am alittle bit disappointed for
today becaused i laready check my
payslip salary..and omg its so small
but i expect it somehow but most of
my collegue at work are also
For me i am little bit dissatisfied
becaused it was just enough for me
and for my family..thats why it made
me think that what about those
people who is not earning like me
who is among to the minimum wage are
they still eating i dont think
so...becaused if its just the
minimun wage of 382 per day and you
have your self and your family i
think that they will suvive there
daily needs..
Becaused even for me i am earning as
higher as a minimum wage i can feel
the higher cost of living now..
Earning money is not that easy you
have you come to work everyday do
the hard work but earning just
enough for your family and sometimes
its still not enough.
How i hope that even the cost of
living is higher our salary will
also be fair to compete with our
daily needs..
And how i wish no people would
suffer from poverty but even just an
average for majority of the
people.and i wish that i personally
would becom,e as rich as BILL GATES
or HENRY SY that i dont need to come
on work but money is coming in my

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